Book Club

Book Club will meet the 2nd Monday of each month during Directed Studies in the library.

We will be attending the SEYA Book Fest 2019 at MTSU!

 December Book:


2018-2019 Members:


  1. Adrienne Huestis 
  2. Alison Davis
  3. Katie James
  4. Laurin Cobb
  5. Luke Woodall
  6. Savannah Green
  7. Willow Bynum


  1. Alexis Bales
  2. Christa Jenkins
  3. Emily Lankford
  4. Kara Needham
  5. Katie Brady
  6. Mary Jones
  7. Rosemary Clanton
  8. Taryn King


  1. Aleea Davis
  2. Caylin Quick
  3. Elizabeth Fulcher
  4. Kadie Hoskins
  5. Rylie Childs


  1. Brianna Breeden
  2. Christina Nobles
  3. Jacey McClure
  4. Lauren Jones
  5. Shawn Evans

Meeting Schedule:

August - What's Your Favorite Summer Book?
Vote on T-shirt and December book.

September - What's a Book you Love to Hate?
T-shirt sizes and receive December book.

October - What's Your Favorite Scary Book?
Pass out T-shirts

November - What's Are you Reading Now?

December - Book Club Book Discussion

January - New Books Preview

February - Blind Date with a Book

March - What's Your Favorite SEYA Book?
SEYA Book Festival!

April - What's Your Favorite Book This Year?
Last Book Club Meeting!